Getting your files to us

Digital and Litho

PS2 are happy to accept the following file formats:

Preferred file format - PDF files

Our preferred file format for all artwork is high resolution, print ready PDF files. No other files are needed as PDF encapsulates every item needed to print from the file.

Other accepted files

You can still send us your files from page make up applications such as QuarkXpress, InDesign etc but please remember to supply all the fonts and images if you do this.

Versions and software supported

The full list of software we can accept is as follows:

Adobe InDesign CS5 and older versions
Adobe Illustrator CS5 and older versions
Adobe PhotoShop CS5 and older versions
Adobe Acrobat 8
Microsoft Word
Microsoft Powerpoint
Microsoft Excel

Getting your artwork to PS2

You can save you artwork on CD Rom and DVD. You can also send your artwork via Email or FTP:

Email and FTP: Please contact Simon Jones on 01928 597888, Pre-press advisor for upload information.

Artwork checklist

Using this checklist will enable your digital artwork file to be processed without delay or query.

Document size

Please check that all your pages are the correct size. Artwork for large format jobs must be supplied at 25% of the final print size.

Positioning of text

Make sure that text is at least 3mm away from the edge of the page for saddlestitched jobs and single leaf items such as posters, flyers and postcards etc. For perfect bound and large format jobs the text must be 5mm away from the edge of the page.


Pages need to be in the correct running order.


Ensure that ink areas are 3mm over the edge of the paper for litho and digital print jobs and 10mm for large format jobs.


Scanned pictures or graphics must be at the correct resolution for output.


Please do not stylise Use the embolden or italicise function in your Page Make-Up Applications tool bar. Always select the correct Bold or Italic font from the menu ie Helvetica Bold or Gill Sans Italic etc. Make sure all fonts are open and active.


For 4 colour jobs make sure all items converted to CMYK. For Special colour jobs make sure all Pantone suffixes are consistent.

Laser proofs

Please supply the latest laser proofs with all jobs so that we are able to check the content prior to processing the data.

Large Format

Accepted formats

Work can be accepted on the following:- CD/DVD or e-mail if zipped or stuffed.


We can print from the following applications: QuarkXpress 6.5 - upwards When saving to disk from quark - collect to output and remember to save all fonts. Illustrator CS2 - upwards eps files only - please outline fonts only save in correct document setup size - (if the image is surrounded by white - please create a white box in the background). Photoshop CS2 - upwards flattened tiffs, jpegs, eps and psd.

Pdf files

General: High resolution pdf’s with embedded or outlined fonts only. From InDesign: 1. Outline all fonts (including fonts in placed eps or ai files) 2. Ungroup all items 3. Export to PDF (High Quality Print), add Crop Marks.

Artwork size

Artwork must be set up in proportion - full, half or quarter size artwork is recommended. Please check that you have placed artwork correctly ie they run to edges of pages - on screen they might look correct but if they’re a few mm out then the output size will be incorrect.


All fonts should be saved - both printer & screen fonts must be included, if possible outline fonts. TRUETYPE FONTS CANNOT BE PRINTED UNLESS OUTLINED. COLOURS

We print in CMYK - if images are saved in RGB or pantone incorrect colour reproduction will occur We cannot print pantone colours - you will not get an exact colour match when just switched to CMYK.


For best results your image sould be 100dpi @ finished size, ie. half file size should be 200dpi.

  • All images must be CMYK (unless mono) and saved at 300 dpi at a quarter of the physical finished print size.
  • All pictures must be saved as tiffs or jpegs if a clipping path is used then save as tiff.
  • Images taken from web pages will not be good enough to print as large format.
  • digital pictures are being used please make sure the image specifications will be large enough to print.


Please add 10mm bleed to all artwork (in pro)

  • 10mm at actual size
  • 5mm at halfl size
  • 2.5mm at quarter size

Vinyl lettering / setup for signage

If you are saving work to be cut for vinyl please use illustrator. We cannot cut strokes only blocks of colour. All work must be outlined and saved as an Illustrator eps.

Pop-ups / Banner stands

If you are saving work to be printed for a pop-up system or banner stand system please read the appropriate set up form.

Supplying Pop-up Banners


Panel size: 674mm wide x 2225mm high

Setup Size: @ quarter size: 168.5mm wide x 556.25mm high

Bleed: 2.5mm bleed @ quarter size around the outer 4 edges



  • Setup at quarter size = 168.5mm x 556.25mm
  • Use only high res images saved in CMYK 300dpi and CMYK vector files only - any pantone colours or RGB images may print with unexpected results
  • Collect for output and send all relevant fonts
For PDF, Photoshop, Illustrator or InDesign Setups please contact the studio on 01928 597888.

To setup a 2x3 take out a panel

To setup a 5x3 add a panel

Setup example

  • panel sizes are 674mm wide by 2225mm high for each panel - including end panels
  • for best results please set up in Quark Xpress as the image provided (6 pages) at quarter size
  • please try to avoid splitting fonts over cuts
  • remember that the end panels curve around so anything placed on the outer 2/3rds of the end panels won’t be seen
  • please put 2.5mm bleed all round a quarter sized document - the final bleed will pro up to 10mm on production
  • collect to output for all images and please provide any fonts


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